A coffee with Denise, skier, surfer, yogi & sport blogger

A coffee with Denise, skier, surfer, yogi & sport blogger

We met several years ago into the water. A sunny girl as you can say of many others but from her eyes certainly emerges something else. Let’s go deeper … I introduce Denise, a former Nordic ski athlete, now a water sports’ lover and a Yoga teachers.

Hi Denise! How are you? What do you do in your life?
Hello! Very well, thank you! I live in Barcelona but mostly travel. I also work thanks to my blog www.denisedellagiacoma.com, where I tell my stories in Vlogs, there are my travels experiences, my wellness advices and, above all, my Yoga life.

How long have you been doing yoga and how long have you been teaching it?
I have been practicing Yoga for about six years. I started teaching three years ago, after a first 200-hour course in Malta. I was looking for a place nearby Italy to learn as an English trainer, because I’ve always wanted to teach yoga abroad. After the first class in Malta I decided to do a training class, of at least 100 or 200 hours, every year, and so it was.

When did you felt ready to teach?
There was not a particular moment when I felt ready, it was more episodes of my life that put me on the path of teaching Yoga, and it was the right choice I could ever make.

What is your favorite yoga position and why?
I like being in headstand, not only because it stimulates circulation but also, because it gives me a sense of incomparable peace and calm.

After a lot of work you developed your own style of yoga that you teach in Barcelona and in the various meetings that you often organize, what is the “Body Mind Flow Yoga”?
Starting from the meaning of the word Yoga, that is, union, of mind, body and spirit, of movement and breath, of dynamism and immobility, I thought of devising a style where the word union was the protagonist. And so I created a style that is the fusion of different styles of yoga, mainly of Hata and Vinyasa, with elements of Power Yoga and traditional Tantric Yoga. On the other hand, the purpose of yoga itself and of the practice is: to succeed in reaching and feeling the union of body, mind and spirit. And when you reach this state of being, which can be just for a second, for a single sequence or for the whole session, then, you’re in Flow.

What are the benefits of yoga and to whom is it most useful?
Yoga is useful to everyone, exactly for the benefits: both physical and mental. Improves the muscular, skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive system. Give awareness and help overcome stress and depression. Give peace and happiness.

Is it true that those who practice yoga approach peacefully with daily life?
yes, it is basically true. Yoga helps you facing everyday life with a more serene, lucid and calm approach.

For those wishing to approach this discipline, what quality should you look for in your teacher?
a good teacher should have only or better especially one thing: love and passion for this discipline and for teaching.

Last question? Why Yoga and Surf are so perfectly connected?Surfing is the Yoga of the sea. It teaches you to have patience (especially in Italy ahah), to live the present moment, to connect with what surrounds you and to respect nature. There is a lot of spirituality even in surfing. This is why every surfer should practice Yoga. But also to lengthen the muscles (pre and post surf), to improve balance and centrality. And last but not least, to educate the breath.

I confess that after this chat, I feel ready to immerse myself in the Flow! And to better understand what it means to be in the Flow, I go first to immerse myself in Denise’s blog, where I find a beautiful video on Yoga in the Lake of Braies and an endless series of blog posts, very nice and useful for people like me which is not yet a yoga trainee!