laine Abonal is a surfer and entrepreneur from Manila, Philippines, who decided to live in a paradisiac island called Siargao. She started her own company Surfista Travels that offers surf lessons, surf camps and surf tours that encourages everyone – especially women – to start surfing and go traveling. Follow her adventures on @surfistatravels and her on @elaineabonal and get lost.



e met this beautiful lady from Puerto Rico. She surfs like she was born to do it. When you see her surfing you think it’s the easiest sport in the world. But you know it isn’t. She’s a creative director and a stylist, she’s an island girl and an ocean lover of course. We’re so happy to have her into the Adalù family.



amilla is 27 years old girls from Tuscany. Real ocean lover in all its shapes, she surfs it, she dances on it and she draws it in her beautiful watercolors drawings about mermaids and waves. She and her soul mate, Alessandro, owns a surf house in Playa de Sono, Spain, where they live and work during the summer. The other part of the year the go traveling the world chasing waves and the endless summer. They don’t really have a home, the ocean is their home.



enise was born in a small village in Trentino, she lived in Rome for study and then for work, until she decided to change her life: becoming a yoga teacher and opening her blog (www.denisedellagiacoma.com) about yoga and wellness. Today she has finally managed to live the life she dreamed, when she’s not traveling, she lives in Barcelona, ​​free to work on his blog from wherever she wants. Throughout the Vlog she records her days, her travels, and her passions for yoga and surfing.



ederica is a 29 years old italian surfer from Genoa. She works as a wedding planner, and she’s also a great singer. She discovered surfing when she was 21 and it completely changed her life. She discovered a world that she will never ever leave for any reason. She found herself perfectly inside the surfer lifestyle that now belongs to her in both positive and negative sides and finally she discovered an infinite love for nature and the sea. She found new friends with whom she shares this infinite passion, other strong and challenging women like her who play an important role in a particular masculine reality. Surfing also allows her to travel, discover new places that she had never ever imagined before but above all it makes her see the world from another point of view, from the water. Female surfing, for her, expresses beauty and elegance, when she slides on a wave she feels like dancing on the water and she won’t ever stop to dance.



suzu is a free surfer from Japan, always chasing the waves around the world.
She’s also a yogini and when she’s at home she works at her bar in the surf town of Shonan.
Follow her adventures on her Instagram profile:

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